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Jeti Model SPIN 33 ESC

Jeti Model SPIN 33 Electric Speed Controller is the latest speed controller developed for use with brushless motors. With a newly designed voltage regulator for the receiver and servos, the number of cells used can be increased. The number of servos is also independent of the input voltage. The SPIN 33 ESC can be used together with Jeti Model JetiBox to provide the best system which allows optimal settings for any kind of drive.
Jeti Model Spin 33 ESC


Dimensions:                                  42 x 23 x 7 mm
Weight:                                         30 g
Nominal current (2.2Ah batt.):      33 A
Quiescent current:                        1.4 mA
Accu Nicd / LiPo:                           5-14 / 2-5
Operating voltage:                       5-21V
Min.shut down voltage:                4.5V
Max/Continuous current BEC:       3 / 1.8 A
Voltage BEC:                                 5.5V
Max. servo number:                       7
Resistance in conducting state:     2x2.6 mΩ
Number of power transistors:        18
Cable X-section (input / output):   2.5/1.5 mm2
Input capacitance:                         2x220 μF

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Price: SGD$178.30