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Jeti Model Jeti Box for SPIN ESC

Jeti Model Jeti Box is designed to program Jeti Model SPIN Electric Speed Controllers. It can also be used separately for testing purposes.
Jeti Model Jeti Box for Spin ESC
When connected to a Jeti Model SPIN Electric Speed Controller:
  • Allows you to custom program your SPIN controller. Provides a readout screen for the data that is stored in the SPIN controller after a flight
  • Simple and intuitive to use, you will not need to drag a huge set of instructions or a computer to the flying field with you
When not connected to a Jeti SPIN Controller:
  • When used by itself, the SPIN Box is a powerful testing tool
  • Measure receiver channel output pulse widths
  • Measure servo transfer speeds, either unloaded or in actual use in the aircraft
  • Servo pulse generator, center your servos without receiver and transmitter
  • Servo-cycler, check the function of your servos, from 10 to 990 cycles
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Price: SGD$58.50