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Secret of Thermal Soaring DVD



DVD Secret of Thermal Soaring 2

Learn about the mysterious energies of thermal lift with this exciting and comprehensive training DVD from Radio Carbon Art and soaring expert Paul Naton. Perfect for the beginning to advanced R/C soaring or electric glider pilot, this new DVD is guaranteed to improve your thermal knowledge, flying technique, and air reading skills. If want to learn to soar high and long like the pros, then this video may be one of the best investments you make in improving your skills. 

This film features well over 135 detailed color illustrations and 8000 words of lecture narration covering thermal physics, meteorology, and air reading techniques. The DVD edition features high resolution information graphics that you can freeze frame and repeat interactively. You also can access a special slide show featuring the most crucial diagrams.

EVERY pilot should own a copy of this DVD so they can SHARE and TEACH thermal skills to others. It is an inexpensive way to share knowledge with a prospective or beginner pilot which will greatly help them learn the sport of R/C soaring.


DVD Secret of Thermal Soaring 1
Highlights of the video 

  • 135 high quality illustrations and diagrams
  • Easy to understand explanations
  • Learn to ‘SEE’ invisible thermals
  • Thermal shape visualizations
  • Learn to read wind shifts indicating thermals
  • Fascinating footage of actual thermals forming and moving
  • Techniques for flying and observing lift

Chapter Includes

  • Layers of Air
  • Sun: Source of All Lift
  • Atmospheric Basics
  • Air Goes Up, Air goes Down
  • The Thermal Cycle
  • Anatomy of a Thermal
  • Secrets of the Wind
  • The Invisible Revealed
  • Flight School

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